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Post  Admin on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:48 am

Welcome One and All to Piston Broke.

Guests & New Members

This forum has been set up to continue and enhance a group of motorcyclists or bikers (whichever you choose to say), fun and enjoyment on a biking forum. Glad to see you found us.
However, until you register, your view of all the topics available and abillity to take part in them is restricted. This is to prevent spamming and the like.

We speak our minds without wearing hard hats, protective goggles, hi viz vests and toe tector shoes on a variety of topics. . . . . Surprisingly we talk about bikes and biking too.

If you're a like minded biker fed up with the nanny eco, hsw, pc state, we hope you enjoy your visit and would like to stick around.

If however, you are an Eco General, The Health and Safety Fairy or the Politicaly Correct Police you might want to turn around now and use the exit door

Have they gone ?

You will be able to see many of the forums and topics, but you will be unable to take part (post) or see images & links untill you have registered and activated your membership.

You will receive an e-mail with an activation link at the address you registered with. You will need to follow that link to complete the opening of your membership account. If you do not follow that activation link, you may encounter problems signing in with your password and/or user-name.
Oh yes, and if you use FireFox as your browser, it doesn't seem to like forums, so you may want to think of using another internet browser instead.

We are a friendly and social bunch, and are mostly in sane.

So once you have registered and signed in have a good brows around and see what is happening on the threads and in your neck of the woods.

Registration is FREE, fast and uncomplicated, and as previously said you will receive an email with distructions on how to activate your membership. If this mail does not make it to your main 'In Box' please check your junk mail box for it.

If you wish to give feedback on the site or have ideas for potential improvements you can tell us in the "forum sugestions" section.

Please be honest and constructive with your comments. Thank you.

Once again a BIG WELCOME to you, take part, enjoy and have fun.

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